How Much Wind Can Your Garage Door Handle?

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How Much Wind Can Your Garage Door Handle?

When you live in Utah, you know that strong winds can occur from time to time. Your home can suffer from wind damage and your garage door is no exception. Garage doors come with particular standards regarding wind resistance and you want to make sure yours has an excellent rating to avoid a costly garage door repair. If you do need repair, DC Garage Doors Inc can help.

Garage Door Repair After Wind Damage

A standard garage door can withstand average winds of 20 mph without suffering excessive damage, meaning a steady rain or snowstorm should have little effect on its durability. However, sustained winds over 20 mph can affect its sturdiness and it can start to weaken. Winds over 100 mph can cause your garage door panels to buckle, causing severe damage. In this case, a garage door repair will be necessary to avoid compromising the structure of the rest of your home.

Garage Door Service Before Wind Damage

While a repair can fix minor issues, consider being proactive and exploring a better option beforehand to allow your garage door to withstand high winds. A more substantial door that can resist winds between 50 and 200 mph may be necessary if you reside in a location where storms are more significant. Your safety is essential, but you must also consider your budget to find the right solution for your home. For instance, a bracing kit may be suitable to reduce costs. However, your insurance premiums may go down if you purchase a sturdier door, so weighing the pros and cons to find what suits you is essential.

Schedule Your Garage Door Repair or Replacement Today!

If you decide that a garage door replacement is a choice for you, there are a few things to keep in mind. Select a door that will be strong enough to handle winds, snowstorms and potential blizzards in your area. Remember that a garage door that can handle strong winds over 50 mph may be suitable for some, but you may need a more substantial door that can resist even higher winds. DC Garage Doors Inc can provide the information you need to ensure you get the perfect garage door service that will stand up to the storms in your area.

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