Steel Garage Doors for Residential Customers

Steel Garage Door Service in Salt Lake City, Tooele and Park City

Steel garage doors offer a lot of versatility for residential properties and they’re available at various price points. DC Garage Doors Inc. offers convenient repair and installation services that gives our customers a garage door they can depend on for many years. When our customers choose steel garage doors, they will have a range of design and insulation options to fit their needs and budget. Homeowners can customize their steel garage doors to match the color and complement the architecture of their house. Reach out to our technicians to learn about your options and the installation services we provide. We proudly offer service in Salt Lake City, Park City and Tooele. If you need service in any of these areas we are here to help!

Brick Home with 2 Cream colored garage doors

Installing a Steel Garage Door is a Good Choice

If you’re looking for a new garage door for your home, DC Garage Doors Inc. is here to help you choose one that fits in with your home. Steel garage doors come in a variety of colors and modern styles that can accommodate windows and decorative hardware. They also have insulation available to make your garage more energy efficient and comfortable to be in when it’s cold outside. Look through our photo galleries below to learn more about these garage door styles from Northwest Door:

  • Therma Tech™Insulated Steel Garage Doors
  • Therma Classic™ Insulated Steel Carriage Style Garage Doors
  • 500 Series™ Steel Garage Doors

Our technicians will help you make a selection and complete the installation with dependable, long-lasting results. In addition, we have the tools and training to provide upkeep and repairs as needed. Turn to us for all of your residential garage door needs, from maintenance repairs to new installations.

Experienced Steel Garage Door Installation Technicians

With our wide inventory of steel garage doors, you’ll have plenty of styles to choose from.  There are different panels, colors, window styles and finishes that will make your garage doors completely unique and customized to you. We can answer all your questions and help you decide which style best suits your preferences and budget. Our dependable staff will help you select from garage doors that come in several styles, from the traditional kind to carriage panel styles as well. The steel garage doors we install are manufactured using hot-dipped galvanized steel that is primed, painted and available in a beautiful wood grain finish. You also have window design and color options if you choose to include these in your order. You can count on our technicians to provide more information and take care of the installation process efficiently and with quality results.

Turn to DC Garage Doors for a Residential Installation

At DC Garage Doors Inc., we have a wide variety of styles and colors for steel garage doors, and we have the tools to install them in your home. Our knowledgeable staff will help you decide which panels and glass options will look best for your home’s garage. We have something for every price point and we aim to deliver complete customer satisfaction with every service we provide. Learn more about our steel garage doors and schedule a time to install them on your property. Take a look at our photo albums to view a gallery of various insulated garage doors and steel designs that could suit your needs. You’ll have the peace of mind that one of our owners will be present to ensure it’s done right.

Browse Our Inventory of Steel Garage Doors Today

If you’re looking for new garage doors, the steel variety is versatile, modern and available at different rates to fit your budget. We would be happy to answer your questions about how they differ and which features you may want to incorporate. In addition to being highly functional, we will ensure your steel garage doors suit your needs and preferences as well. Our experienced garage door technicians have the tools to take care of the installation process as well. You can count on your steel garage doors to stay in good condition for many years to come. Reach out to DC Garage Doors Inc. at 801-280-3419 for more information and schedule a time for an installation.

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