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How To Choose the Right Garage Door: From The Experts at DC Garage Doors.

If you’re building a new home or updating your current garage, there are some crucial factors to consider when you select a garage door. From choosing the right style to hiring a professional to handle the garage door installation, these are the things that will help your garage doors last for years.

Climate Impacts Your Garage Door Installation

Before you consider the style and aesthetics of your garage door, you must consider the climate where you live. Many types of materials can be used for garage doors – steel, aluminum and glass, fiberglass, and wood – but not all of them are appropriate choices for all climates. For example, a wood garage door is beautiful but best suited for a mild climate with low moisture. Steel is one of the most common choices because it is appropriate for all climates, affordable, and can accommodate many design styles.

The other important factor to consider for your garage door installation is the amount of insulation your garage door needs. Garages that are attached to homes generally benefit from more insulation than detached garages. A well-insulated garage door helps regulate your home’s overall temperature and saves you money on energy bills.

Style Matches the Rest of Your Home

Once you’ve decided on the material and insulation needed for your garage door, you can focus on the style. Your garage door should easily integrate into the overall architectural look of your home and the color scheme. For example, a carriage house style door is unique, but if your home has a very modern aesthetic, the carriage style doesn’t really fit. Your garage door installation should also increase your home’s curb appeal, which is most easily accomplished by selecting a complementary door style.

Garage Door Installation Demands a Professional

It can be tempting to save money on your garage project by completing the installation yourself. However, it is always a better idea to hire a professional for your garage door installation. Perhaps the most important reason is that the springs and cables used to lift and lower the garage door are under a lot of tension and can cause extreme injury if not installed correctly. It’s always safest to hire a professional for this job.

When you’re ready to update your garage, you need to consider climate and style, then choose a professional to do the work. Contact DC Garage Doors Inc for help with your garage door installation project to ensure it’s done safely and correctly.

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