Garage Door Maintenance in Park City, UT

Your garage provides cover for your vehicles, but it also offers storage and protects the entry to your home. Regularly scheduled garage door maintenance is crucial for preventing damage to your car and preserving your home’s or business security. Most garage doors are used frequently and are therefore subject to wear and tear that can lead to breakdowns and malfunctions. Scheduled maintenance is a critical step in protecting your investment.
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Why Schedule Routine Garage Door Maintenance?

Whether it faces the street or is behind your house, your garage door serves several vital roles. Since you use it so regularly, you should contact a professional garage door service in Park City to make sure that your system can:

  • Provide greater building security: A fully functioning garage door will keep your home or place of business safe from intruders.
  • Offer vehicle protection: Your garage protects your vehicles, and a door that opens and closes correctly won’t scratch or dent your car.
  • Supply technology updates: We can determine if you need an upgrade or enhanced service during regular maintenance visits.
  • Maintain building’s appearance: A well-maintained and operational garage door with no visible damage will add to the appeal and value of your home.

When Should I Schedule Maintenance?

We recommend that you have us inspect your garage door at least once a year. We’ll lubricate your hinges during our visit to smooth the open and closing and eliminate squeaks. We also tighten all of the screws and adjust the tension of the springs.

We will examine every component for stress, cracks, and misalignment from your tracks to your weather seals. Your doors will roll smoothly and prevent damage from rust or unexpected breakage.

If you notice any of the following before it’s time for your annual inspection, give us a call right away:

  • Cracked or broken windows
  • Clicking or whining sounds
  • Difficulty opening or fully closing the doors

We’ll make arrangements to send our team out as soon as possible to review your situation and solve the problem. Our company offers an array of services to service your garage door, and we can get your door moving again in no time.


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