How Winter Can Wreck Your Garage Door

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Winter Garage Door Services: Providing Winter Garage Door Maintenance for Utah Winters

As Utah residents we have a unique understanding of the kind of varying winter conditions we can experience. Some years we get heavy snow and sometimes we don’t. Whether its a good snow year or not we all understand that the temperature can get pretty cold and this can have an effect on the functionality of our garage doors. You need your garage door to perform well in winter more than at any other time of year, and yet this can be the season when it’s most likely to give you trouble. Thanks to low temperatures and cold weather extremes, winter garage door issues can provide challenges beyond the usual maintenance headaches. DC Garage offers Winter garage Door Services to Utah residents whether it be Salt Lake City, Tooele, Coalville or anywhere in between. Here are a few problems to look out for, from the simple to the complex.

Frosty Failures

One of the most predictable challenges that winter poses to your garage door’s function is ice. Often a door that will not open is simply frozen to the concrete; this can happen either from water infiltration along the door’s bottom or just because the door was shut on top of snow that collected at the garage’s opening. Garage door panels can become frozen so that they can’t move and prevent your door from fully opening or closing. You can try a little careful application of heat from a dryer to unstick frozen doors, but you also may need to address underlying issues that led to water and ice infiltration as well. Impaired weatherstripping can let in water or fail to keep out cold air or both – a perfect setup for a frozen door. Replace worn-out weatherstripping as soon as possible.

Lubricant Issues

When your garage door won’t move smoothly or continually sticks, the lubricant on the tracks may be the source of the difficulty. Sometimes there may be too little lubrication, but a more common winter issue is actually too much. Caked-on lubricant that has lost its viscosity due to the cold can block the easy movement of the door along the tracks. This excess lubricant will need to be removed and replaced, and pros like DC Garage Doors can recommend a product that will better withstand winter’s chill.

Messed-up Metal

When winter weather leads to malfunction in the metal components of your garage door, the solutions may be more complex. If trying to lift your door is suddenly much harder, as if you’re feeling the full weight of the door, chances are you’ve got broken springs. Again, low temperatures are the most likely suspect, as extreme cold can make metal brittle. Another effect the cold can have on metal parts is shrinkage. If your door‘s metal tracks shrink from the cold, it can cause them to deform so that the door cannot move freely. When deformed or broken metal mechanisms are at fault, garage door installation professionals can replace the damaged parts to get your door moving again.
Call DC Garage Doors Inc when you need winter garage door service in Heber, Park City, SLC, Tooele, or anywhere in Summit county.

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